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Trying to be ‘Green’ with an electric bike

Trying to be ‘Green’ with an electric bike

Kranium KR1

I’m already an enthusiastic cyclist but found it difficult to keep up a daily 20 mile commute to the office. Keen to reduce the car use and still stay fit I came across an alternative, electric powered bikes or ‘pedelecs’.

Looking into the idea a bit more, I decided this was the route for me, I would still need to pedal the bike, but it had the added bonus of a motor to give me the extra push when needed. Unlike a motorbike where you twist the throttle and go, pedelects only turn on the power when you’re pedalling, this suited me as part of the aim is to stay fit!

The battery on full charge will easily power the 20 mile round trip with some to spare, that’s based on me still doing a lot of the work rather than letting the bike take the strain.

I know all you cycle purists out there will think ‘what a cop-out’, but this bike is only for my daily commute, I still get on my trusty pedal bike at the weekends. I’m now cycling to work almost every day, which I would not have done on my pedal bike, I’m hardly using the car, so saving petrol and saving the environment!

My electric bike is the Kranium KR 1 Red Label from bikerepublic.com. The thing I liked about this bike is all the electric components are discreet, the battery sits in the down tube and the motor is in the rear hub with the chainset. It’s also very quite, a lot of the bikes I demo’d where quite noisy.

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