Home Invaders Intro

High energy Intro sequence to a Bayer documentary introduced by Phil Spencer. It’s about the hidden world of parasites in the home that are brought in by domestic pets. Working from an agency supplied storyboard, the animated sequence and audio was put together in After Effects.


Bayer Drontal ad

A new version of the Bayer Drontal ad, creating animated pack shots in 3D and compositing them with the kitchen worktop footage, produce and apply the animated graphics, edit and colour grade all the video and audio footage for the ad.


Equity Edge

The Equity Edge sting was produced to be incorporated into a number of the clients videos. The swirling birds were created in 3D using the Cinema 4D particle system, rendered out and finalised with the end logo in After Effects.


Bayer 2013 Christmas Card

Bayer wanted an animated Christmas card that portrayed their key business areas as well as creating a
traditional warm Christmas feel. We used their ‘Science For a Better Life’ line as the title to
a Christmas book that opens to reveal animated popups.
The animation was created using a combination of Cinema 4D – 3D software and Adobe After Effects.


It’s a jungle out there

 This video is aimed at vets and vet professionals to promote the ’It’s a jungle out there’ campaign by Bayer.
A communication programme to make aware dangers of parasites for pets and introduces preventative measures.
The whole video was produced in After Effects and utilised the Element 3D plugin for the smartphone model.


Parasite protection in your pocket

‘It’s a jungle out there”is a campaign by Bayer to communicate the dangers of parasites for pets and to introduce
preventative measures. The ‘Parasite protection in your pocket’ video introduces the new Jungle for Pets App
loaded full of great features, helping the pet owner keep the pet protected against nasty parasites all year round.
The whole video was produced in After Effects and utilised the Element 3D plugin for the smartphone model.


immedia Intro

This video was created to run as a generic intro to the client’s keynotes presentation.
Cinema 4D was used to generate the desk scene and other 3D models, the models were then
imported into After Effects to produce the final animation.


String One Summer Event

PM Design was asked by Vartan Melkonian, a well known classical composer and conductor, to visualise concepts
for a large scale year-on summer event in the UK. Working in association with and backed by String One Ltd,
this would be a stadium size event combining all types of performances from classical and popular music,
dance and theatre, similar to the London Olympics Opening Ceremony. We animated a number of sequences
showing 3 alternative themes, City, Lotus and Space, these animations were then incorporated into a larger video.
We also put together an A3 printed presenter showing Vartan’s past events as well as a proposal for the future
summer event to start in 2014.


Bayer Material Science Innovation

A 3.5 minute video consisting of over 400 still photos and a few video clips,
we produced this video for Bayer in After Effects and Final Cut Pro.


Pepsico Store Walkthrough

3D store walkthrough for Pepsico. This is one of the 3 store environments we created for the client,
the aim was to show the store insights for buyer impulse purchasing. A single walkthrough path runs
through the virtual store and pauses on each insight where a popup info box appears.


Carlsberg Pub Cup Promo

Promotional video to advertise a pub & country 5-a-side football competition offering a number
of football based prizes. This video was shown in a number of sports & leisure centres around the UK.
The video was created using a combination of 3D animation After Effects and Final Cut Pro.


Luminescence – Christmas email

Mulberry Advertising asked us to produce an animated Christmas card to send out on email.
Using their storyboard and penguin illustrations we created the animation in After Effects with
the help of the Particular Plugin to create the coloured lines, spray from skates and fireworks.


Bausch & Lomb

Working with Bausch & Lomb’s marketing agency, Zone Design Ltd, we were commissioned to
produce a video for the Zyoptix diagnostics and laser eye surgery system integrating live video
and 3D animated graphics. We shot the video at Bausch & Lomb’s Facility in Munich, Germany
which also gave me the opportunity to take detailed measurements and photos of the equipment
to create the 3D models in the animation.